Halloween Week 2015, Part I

I keep thinking I have to go update a post I wrote for my friend Kim who LOVES Halloween, but then I read through it and realize most of it is still true:

(My guest post for Listing Toward Forty from two years ago.)

Five Things I Hate:
1. Halloween versus Trick-or-Treat: Trick-or-treat is this Thursday even though Halloween is on Saturday.
2. “Sexy” costumes: check.
3. Dressing up (IMO) is for children. I’m not leaving the house on Saturday in order to avoid the bacchanalia at local watering holes.
4. Handmade costumes: I’m actually getting a wee bit better at this! First, I’ve set my expectations low (i.e. I can’t sew.) But last year I turned Kate into cotton candy and Flora into a zombie; the year before, I covered a cape with purple fabric for Kate’s Raven (from Teen Titans Go!) costume, and made a peacock shirt and tail for Flora. This year, I turned Kate into a puppy for the Boo Bash.

Zombie Flora
I helped make these!
Puppy Kate
And this! For what it’s worth, I made the spots on the shirt and attached a “tail” to the pants. Not my best effort.

5. Treat bags: I’m not doing ’em this year. I’m donating to three different classroom parties (paper products for Kate; apples and caramel dip for Flora; and cubed cheese for M). No. More. Bags.

10 Things I Love:
1 and 10. Chocolate. Just give it to me.
2. Multiple wearing of the costumes. Although Kate wants to be a vampire queen instead of a puppy for school. I told her she had to source her costume from what we had at home, because mama did her part.
3. Sorting candy.
4. Handing out candy.
5. Carving pumpkins — We are still working on M’s. I will post images Thursday.
6. Trick-or-treat times.
7. Full-size candy bars — for the children!
8. How excited my children get to dress up and trick-or-treat.
9. Non-candy treats.

For some extra chills this year, you should be reading The October Diary. It’s almost as delicious as chocolate.

What is your favorite thing about Halloween?

One thought on “Halloween Week 2015, Part I

  1. We have 5 kids getting into costume this year. Only 2 of which needed new costuming, and one needed a specific coat from Goodwill. That’s 2 out of 5 completely reused costumes, 1 partial, and 2 new. Not bad. And why is Trick-or-treat on Thursday?

    Oh, and it’s our anniversary. Well, one of them.

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