Halloween Week 2015 Part II: Invisible Work

It’s maddening, all the little things that go into a day and a week, especially when you throw in Halloween.

Along with the usual activities (like gymnastics and soccer, homework, and feeding the children), other things need to be prepped and managed. Cousins picked up, costumes ready to go, emails and texts from moms of other children walking around with us, and then getting home in time to get everyone ready for trick-or-treat.

Kate added to the chaos by deciding she didn’t want to be a puppy anymore; we didn’t have what she needed to be a vampire; so she dressed all in white and declared herself an angel. When we couldn’t find materials to make wings and a halo, she decided she was a goddess. She found a Wonder Woman headpiece from a couple of years ago and a curved stick that I turned into a bow (as in bow and arrow), and we dubbed her Athena, and went with it.

Planning ahead is vital. So is putting everything in my phone.

I had three specific things to do for parties for today:

For Flora, I had volunteered to bring a fruit tray for her Activity Day.
For Kate, I had volunteered to donate plates and napkins to the party.
For M, I had volunteered to donate cheese (cubed or sliced; I went with cubed).

I bought the cheese and paper products last weekend. I had meant to buy apples at the Monday farmers market in Coraopolis, but apparently their last day was two Mondays ago. I swung through an Aldi on the way home Wednesday instead.

I packed up the paper products Tuesday. I cut up the cheese into cubes last night. This morning I got up early to cut up the apples and bathe them in lemon water to keep them from browning AND to make caramel sauce. (I didn’t have vanilla extract which what the heck?, so I hope it turned out okay).

As I hustled Michael and Flora out the door this a.m., Dan sleepily asked, “Why are you taking Michael?” I usually drop Flora off at her bus stop, then go to work.

“Because,” I said, “I would have to ask you to remember the cheese and the costume and that M is buying pizza for lunch and the money is in his folder, and — ”

“I get it,” Dan said.

Dan is perfectly capable of remembering all that stuff, but if he doesn’t have to — because I already know it — then why put more on his plate?

He delivered Kate and her paper products to school. All was well.

It’s true, I can no longer keep these things in my head. I have to put calendar events and tasks in my phone to keep things moving. If and when I remember to put it in my phone, then it gets done. (About 98 percent of the time.)

And sometimes I forget to tell Dan anything, and he can’t figure out why I’m a little frazzled at the end of a day or week. I mean, I went trick-or-treating with 10 people last night. We were quite a crowd. Getting them out the door and back home, and keeping them from eating all the candy, and making sure they threw out their wrappers, and then, well, out the door again in the case of the children who didn’t belong to me, and then getting three sugared up children to go to bed, wore me out a bit!

Jack o'lanterns
Grim Reaper, Iron Man, Happy Pumpkin, by Flora, me (picked by M), and Kate, respectively. Picture by Dan.

This is why grownups have beer and take their children’s Halloween candy. Because we deserve it.

Sorry about the lack of costume pictures. The camera on my phone is not working, and I don’t know why, and so I didn’t get any pictures last night.

What invisible work do you dread? What would you pay someone to do?

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