Introduction to Poetry Pages

So, I went through my binder of poetry last week, trying to pick The First Poem for this category.

Poetry Binder
It’s a big binder.

And I couldn’t pick one.

Don’t worry, I’m not teasing you.

I stopped regularly writing poetry as poetry when I was pregnant with Flora. I journaled a lot — I have journaled regularly since I was in sixth grade — but I wasn’t writing poems any longer, and I wasn’t attending workshops, publishing, or doing any readings.

In my 20s, I regularly did all these things: published, read in public, workshopped.

It’s been a long time. The last poetry reading I did was on my birthday in 2004.

One thing that runs as a theme through my poetry is the idea of body; my words of poetry as deeply rooted in my experience as a physical being.

And, er, quite a bit of it is about teh sex, especially sex with certain people who weren’t Dan, sometimes in passing, and sometimes explicitly. That’s going to be awkward I imagine, for my family members who regularly visit this blog (hi, Dad!). I will issue disclaimers. I’ve set this site up to exclude poetry as a category from the blog. Which I think means you have to visit the category to view the content.

Like I said: WIP.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is:

1. I wrote this poetry a long time ago.
2. It’s not necessarily family friendly fare.
3. Some of it contains profanity.
4. A lot of it — most of it — is about the experience of being embodied as a woman.

Your mileage will vary.

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