Happy Birthday (Week) to Me

My mother always says the day I was born was the happiest day of her life.

My father always points out that she was pretty drugged up at the time.

Generally speaking, I make my birthday a one- or two-day affair. On the day of, I try to do something nice for myself, by myself; and, of course, have cake.

This year, my birthday got an earlier than usual kick-off, and I am not complaining. My parents had called a couple of weeks ago and asked me to schedule a nice dinner out for Dan, me, and my brother and SIL. Unfortunately, that was hard to do (what with babysitters, Dr. Bro and SIL had a prior commitment, and so on). So the plan became family game night at our place with Nonna, Pap-pap, Dan and our children, and the two younger nephews, and then dinner out.

But then, we got a bunch of snow, so events were canceled, and game night and dinner became a big event with six adults and seven children.

I loved it.

Everyone arrived around 3 p.m. on Saturday, and we played Kerfluffle, and then Wit and Wager (which, please note, *ahem* Dan, I would love to get for my actual birthday, along with another pair of yoga pants and a yoga block), and then we all went to P.F. Chang’s. The children were fantastic, the food and drink were delicious, and the company just beat all.

After dinner, we went back to the house, and served out the homemade chocolate cake my mother brought from Erie with her, and which she had the children help her frost, plus gelato from the Market District. And then we played Boggle, at which it turns out, I am very bad. I guess I’m only good when words go one way.

Chocolate Cake
My mom is ridiculous, in the best way.

On Sunday, I drove a friend to the LTYM auditions, and then we visited awhile at our place. Dan and I vegged out on Star Wars movies (Episodes IV, V, and VI) throughout the day, and we cooked and served dinner for his parents.

It’s nice to do nice things for people.

Also please note, because of the snow storm, our lovely producers opened another day of auditions. Check out the details here, and go tell your story! See your name on this year’s poster!

ltym poster
Your Name Here.

For dinner, I had thrown meat in the slow cooker before I left to play taxi. Fortunately, it turned out well. I also made this lentil salad from smitten kitchen, which I loved, and the other adults liked well enough, but the children wouldn’t try (Flora thought I ruined lentil soup; Kate thought I ruined potatoes).

So it was a lovely weekend, and a fun way to mark my birthday with my parents before they started their annual snowbird tour.

Now I can’t wait for my actual birthday weekend!

How long to you like to celebrate your birthday?

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday (Week) to Me

  1. At this point we celebrate my birthday only on the day of. My tradition, for as long as I have been an adult, longer, really, has been to go see movies in the theater on my birthday. One year, and of course this was LONG before kids, but one year I set a record for seeing 6 movies. Most years recently has been only one film what with babies and whatever. Now that some of the kids are getting older the options to take some to other films has increased. The last couple of years I have been getting 2 films in, and this year we managed 3 (which felt like a miracle). Only two years have I missed this tradition, and it was for music festivals – Lollapoalooza one year (Ramones and Devo) and WOMAD on another (Chinese rocker Cui Jian and South African Johnny Clegg).

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