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Summertime, When the Living Is… Not As Difficult

I’ve talked about how much I like having a nanny during the summer, yes?

I was reminded of how much I like it yesterday.

  • I get myself up and ready and out the door in the morning. I only have to get myself going, and I leave a houseful of sleeping darlings.
  • I come home to a clean kitchen and some dinner prep done (when I remember to ask).
  • The girls keep their room cleaner.
  • The children get to sleep in. They go to stuff at the library. Flora and Kate will be attending summer camps in July. They get to go to the pool.
  • Sometimes, Kim goes to the store for me! This is a fantastic time-saver, I can’t even tell you.
  • She helps with special projects around the house.

I love being home by 5 p.m. Some evenings, Kim meets me with the children at Aldi or the farmers market, which means weekends are for fun and not errand running. Some evenings, she can stay a little later, so I can attend Stephen King events or happy hours.

Evenings involve much less rushing around. Tuesday night, we had eaten and were done with clean up by 6 p.m. Michael and I went for a walk; the girls elected to stay and do an hour of tablet time. Michael told me a long rambling story about Bob, his deaf wife (“She used her hands to talk.” “Yes, that’s called sign language.”), and the doggie toy they bought. He asked a bunch of questions, some of which I could not answer (how do you explain radio waves to a 5-year-old?), some of which I could (we can’t go to the sun because it’s far too hot). Then we all played Sorry! I won.

Then it was 8 p.m.!

Last night we met at the farmers market, and then Michael and I planted herbs in the backyard.

Having a summer nanny gives me breathing room. Yes, it’s more expensive than sending them to daycare, but not by a lot. The tradeoffs are worth the extra expense.

What is your favorite part about summer?

2 thoughts on “Summertime, When the Living Is… Not As Difficult

  1. For me it’s the vacation.

    We are going to Yellowstone in a few days. Last year we went to the Oregon coast, the year before that to Massachusetts.

    I love travel.

    It’s funny, you and I have almost opposite experiences during the summer. I’m a stay-at-home dad, so I don’t get out foo the house on a regular basis. I don’t have anybody helping with the kids. And I have more of them. I actually just wrote a similarly themed post on my blog about how summer vacation is…. well, it is different from the school year.

    1. We do have the opposite experience! I feel very blessed, although I know you do too.

      I like travel too. Enjoy your travels and stay safe. We aren’t doing much this summer because of my new job. But we’ve had some good vacations with the kids. They are such great ages now!

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