Seven Things: A Quick Update

1. School started! Flora and Kate have re-acclimated quickly, for which I am entirely grateful.

Flora in car.
This is the best picture I got on Flora’s first day of school.
K and M, day 2.
A very blurry picture from Dan of these two on their second day of school.

2. Flora is definitely becoming more mature and responsible. She comes home and does her homework. She helps Michael if he has homework. She seldom complains about cleaning the kitchen. She remembers to empty the dishwasher more often than not.

3. Kate is not on the same page as Flora — and as I am often reminded, she is two years younger. She is one of the reasons I have adopted my mother-in-law’s phrase, “Do it right or do it twice.” Let’s just say that Kate’s strengths are elsewhere (making friends, primarily; also, doing handstands). She is very sweet. She asks Dan and me almost every day how our days were, and she really listens to our answers. She values interaction over just doing stuff.

4. Michael… *sigh*. Michael has already lost a backpack and a lunch box. We are already dealing with another boy who is bullying him on the bus (OH NO, HONEY. THAT WILL NOT STAND.) If asked directly about school, it’s “boring,” but if given space, he’ll cheerfully chatter away about his day. He tells me about Go Noodle, computer games (that are sneakily teaching him the location of letters on the keyboard), and other little events about his day. So, a little uneven.

5. Taking the tablets away was definitely the right move. It forces them to focus on what needs to be done; it sparks their creativity in play. Now if I could get them to *read books* I would feel even better. Kate and Michael will play together sometimes; they will also do gymnastics in my living room, which isn’t awesome. Flora will draw. And draw. And draw. She wrote a short story recently (I haven’t read it yet), so maybe I can encourage more of that.

How do I encourage them to read actual novel-like books? The girls, I mean. M and I do his sight words every now and again; I could get better at doing this. But the girls seldom crack a book at home.

6. (I am an actual paid blogger. My job is going gangbusters. You can check out some of my stuff here.) (I’m whispering because I don’t want to jinx anything.)

7. Dan and I need date nights. Like, not just social nights out as a couple. We did a lot of seeing people over the summer, attending events and get-togethers. But we stopped spending time together as just a couple. The dinner date thing isn’t really doing it for us either. I’m trying to find other stuff for us to do, not too expensive. I’m thinking one month (or even every six weeks) he’ll pick and plan our date, and the next time, I will. For the record, I am thinking this may be fun. We like exercise, booze, and music, basically.

What’s going on with YOU? Oh, and if you have ideas about getting my girls to read, that would be great.

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5 thoughts on “Seven Things: A Quick Update

  1. Fun fact: There was a period when doing Go Noodle with my kids was a primary form of exercise. We haven’t done it in months but your mention makes me long for some MooseTube.

    Have you tried comic books for reading? (Free comic book day is coming up the Saturday before Halloween.) Or magazines (This looks interesting: I still read to my kids things that are a little beyond their ability to read to themselves (currently Harry Potter), but left on their own they really like comic books. (They both really like the Powerpuff Girls.) The boy, as you know, loves all things Minecraft, so was highly motivated to read all the Minecraft Manuals and the Diary of a Minecraft Zombie books. Silly poetry like Shel Silverstein maybe? I say set aside a reading time. They have to read may 20 minutes, but they can read whatever they want they’ll find something.

    (glad to hear about your job. ssh.)

    1. I am happy to hear that M’s teacher is using Go Noodle in the classroom. It’s hard for those little monkeys to sit still all day long!

      Re: comic books. I actually asked the girls to NOT read comic books. They will breeze through them, and I think it’s time for them to read more challenging stuff. I suggested Fortune Falls or any of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books to Kate; Flora said she would read the Percy Jackson series. (It’s a little less dense than Harry Potter, so I think it’ll be a good start.) Flora also gets Muse magazine, which she loves. They also love the Minecraft books and Silverstein. I asked them to read for 15 minutes or two chapters, whichever comes first.


  2. My 11 year old daughter is reading The Girl Who Could Fly and just read Out Of My Mind. We struggled with how to get her to read. It just takes a while and a lot of trial and error to find books she likes.

  3. When my kids were little, I was having surgery or recovering from surgery, or waiting for surgery most of the time. I used to tell them that it made me feel better to have them read to me. One of my favorite memories is having T sit under the cutting table in my sewing room and reading CS Lewis to me.

    1. Oooh, I bet Kate would love to read to me. I wonder. I’ll have to try this. (Flora would have no patience for it, I can already see the look on her face.)

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