What I Did on My Sick Days

I woke up Saturday with a fierce headache and a sore throat. This is how I made it through the weekend.

A little career counseling for a young writer a bit at sea. We talked digital media, inbound marketing, and next steps he can take to get into a career.
Michael’s soccer game. I sat. A lot. And drank Throat Coat tea.
Flora’s soccer game. I powered through coaching. Lots of yelling encouragement from the sidelines.
Went home, and went to bed.

What I asked for when I went to bed:
The laptop
The laptop charger
Two books: The Girl on the Train, and Man’s Search for Meaning (neither of which I read on Saturday)
A glass of water
A cup of Throat Coat tea
The phone charger
An egg (Dan had to send someone next door for an egg; I made myself ramen with a soft boiled egg and some peas)

I sent Dan to Costco with the shopping list. He took Flora and Michael. Kate stayed home with me. Dan didn’t want to leave me alone, and I quote, “in your weakened state.”

I watched about three episodes of Jane the Virgin.
Fell asleep at some point; woke up at 7:30 p.m. Dan was cooking pizza. I went downstairs for a piece; made a salad.

Dan put the children to bed. He fell asleep.
I made myself a hot toddy, and watched more Jane the Virgin. Went to bed around 11.

Pout-Pout ready to cheer on Michael.
Michael with his classroom pet Pout-Pout. Pout-Pout went to the Pirates game with Flora and to soccer with Michael. Michael read him books. Pout-Pout had a pretty low-key weekend.

Got everyone rolling to CCD and Mass; I stayed home, watched more Jane the Virgin, and sorted through a basket of papers and books that needed to be disposed of. Progress!
Cleaned the kitchen from the night before.
Made myself eggs and toast.
Showered. (Progress, again!)
Took Kate to buy new shoes. She went from a size 3 (last year) to a women’s size 7.5.
Picked up something for Dan to take to his football watching party.
Laid on the couch.
Helped Michael make his Pout Pout book.
Made myself grilled cheese and tomato soup; fed the children leftover pizza.
Read a lot of The Girl on the Train (I’m not done. No spoilers!).
Kate read a chapter of Fortune Falls to me.
Helped children get ready for Monday (pack lunches, organize book bags, and so on). Got everyone to bed.
More reading, another hot toddy, more Jane the Virgin.

Feeling better and went to work. Not 100 percent, but not as sick as I was on Saturday. I’ll take it easy, because I don’t really have time to be sick like that.

How was your weekend?

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2 thoughts on “What I Did on My Sick Days

  1. Even sick you’re more productive than I was. The last two days my 13 year old got shuffled around to events and whatnot by another parent (birthday party, cross country meet, etc.) because I was busy with baby and mass. Did make it to the store for the big shopping trip for the week, made the menu for dinner and went over Cub Scout requirements.

    1. I didn’t actually realize how sick I was until after Michael’s soccer game, and then I was just like, “I’ll power through until after I help coach Flora.” Sunday, I was only about half as productive as I normally am. Dan did most of the parenting; I took care of myself. Except for buying Kate shoes. It’s nice to have a partner who will say “yes” when you need him to!

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