More Updates!

Someday, I will write a real blog post again.

Today is not that day.

Car Accident
It looks worse than it is. Maybe.

1. This happened a week ago.

I am fine. I was a littlest bit sore.

Thank god for insurance! Now I would just like to get my car back.

2. At some point last Saturday, I thought, “I need a pause button.” I need to stop time so I can catch up. I would use it to do chores: pause time while I grocery shopped, or cleaned the kitchen, or cleaned out my closet. (My closet REALLY needs to be cleaned out.)

Of course, at some point on Sunday, I thought, “Getting up and starting the day at 8 a.m. makes for a long Sunday.” We did a lot that day. When the children have CCD at 8:40 a.m., and then you go to church right after, Sunday stretches away in front of you.

Pumpking carving
Reason #598 older children rock.

3. One of the things we did was carve pumpkins. Technically, the children each cleaned out a pumpkin. Flora carved hers, but the design broke off, and before we could solve the problem (toothpicks!), she tossed it in the weeds in frustration. Kate carved hers, designed Michael’s, and then ended up carving his too. She even went back to Flora’s and carved a cat’s face in the back of the pumpkin! When that girl gets a goal in her head, she carries through.

4. Conversely to that pause button idea, it could just be November 8 already, and voting could be done. I am ready for this election season to be over. It’s torture. If Pennsylvania were an early voting or mail-in ballot state, at least my part would be done by now. But instead, I gotta wait to go to the polls. It will be exciting to vote for the first woman President!

5. Michael is doing math. And reading. He actually sits down and sounds out words. He says stuff like, “10 + 10 + 3 = 23” out of the blue. I distinctly recall Flora refusing to sound out words. That girl wants to be good at something the first time she tries it. (I DON’T KNOW WHERE SHE GETS THAT.) But Michael seems to have no self-consciousness about trying stuff or being good.

Of course, he thinks he’s good at EVERYTHING. So.

5. Things just keep rolling along. Parent-teacher conferences went well; Halloween is around the corner (Flora, werewolf; Kate, Harley Quinn; Michael, Killer Croc); flu vaccines are onboard. Pretty soon, it will be Flora’s birthday, and I’ll still be like, “pause button, where are you?”

6. Last night, as I was driving from work to home to the pediatrician’s office to dinner to Rocket Fizz (flu shots mean Rocket Fizz), I was half thinking, when does this part end?

And I realized, it really doesn’t. As much as I think, “Oh, when soccer practice ends for the year, my weeks won’t be so crazy”, or “We’ll get through the holidays and then get a break,” I’m deluding myself.

This is it. This is the ride we’re on called life. I may have a slow week or two when soccer practice is on pause — that depends on who is going to play indoor soccer this season — but other things will crop up. I will have to run to the store, or attend a school concert, or otherwise be busy.

And that’s okay. It is what it is. I will keep doing what I need to do to keep my sanity.

7. Still struggling with the date night thing, though. Dan and I just can’t seem to figure it out. It’s really disappointing. That is one area that needs work, and that I can’t be blase about it. Again, a pause button would be helpful.

Do you have date nights? How? Enlighten me!

5 thoughts on “More Updates!

  1. Totally stealing this idea. I need to do a full blog post, and have a few “bits” but can’t seem to find the time to expand them into a full blog post. I’m just going to dump them into one post so that it won’t have been a week since my last post .

    As for your question, we haven’t had a “date night” in…. about a decade.

  2. Ah, the time does go. I know that it feels like it will never end, but someday, in about 6 long years from now, you will look around and think “why did I make all this food when there’s only two people?” Because once they get into high school, you will have to force them to be home. We had a rule that we had dinner together, and that kept us connected, even when the kids were all in different sports and activities. Date nights weren’t too bad, actually; we don’t have much option, so sometimes it was going to dinner before or after groceries. Once it was walking around Walmart WITHOUT THE KIDS. Otherwise we did movies and dinner and had a ‘no work and no kids talk’ rule at the table. And good wine or beer, which for us is a luxury.

    1. I get that this time is finite; I just don’t want to suddenly look across the kitchen table and not recognize my husband anymore. We are struggling to keep connected emotionally. Our schedules and Dan’s dad’s death (and Dan’s subsequent grief) are hampering our connection. We’re working on it!

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