Letters to Congress: List of Demands

To the Republicans:

1. Appoint an independent counsel to investigate the T*ump administration’s ties to Russia.

2. DON’T repeal the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare. Sit down with the Democrats and figure out how to make it better. You have three members who aren’t going to vote for anything less than full repeal – you don’t need them. The majority of your constituents don’t want the ACA to go away.

3. DON’T defund Planned Parenthood. Again, play the numbers. The majority of Americans want to have access to affordable reproductive health care, and the majority of Americans are in favor of a woman’s access to abortion.

4. Stop taking away rights granted under the last administration. Don’t pass laws about trans people in bathrooms; enforce current rape laws. Don’t roll back marriage equality; as a matter of fact, expand protections for LGTBQ people in their places of work.

5. Have live town halls with your constituents, you cowards. We pay your salary. You are our representatives! That means that you represent us in Washington, D.C. We don’t pay lobbyists to tell you what WE want the law to look like.

To the Democrats:

Look, we are glad that you are there, that you are standing up for us, that you appear to be listening. Just a few things.

1. Do Something: Write laws and submit them. Speak out against the egregious misdeeds of the T*ump administration. Hammer Republicans on healthcare, family leave, employee protections, and minority rights. Put some heart and fire into your messaging. And continue the relentless calls for an independent investigation into the T*ump administration’s ties to Russia.

2. Do Better: Hire and promote more women and minorities in your offices, both in DC and stateside. Find the women and minorities in your districts and mentor them. Hire and mentor them alongside white men, it’s fine! But you are going to have to acknowledge the blinders of your own involvement in systemic racism and sexism and BE BETTER than that.

Also, you’re going to have to walk to walk on corporate money. And transparency.

3. Do More: You are going to have to fight like hell for every vote, every seat, every state and county. Talk to everyone. Make your plans to benefit everyone clear. Tell butthurt people who don’t want everyone to benefit from living in America that it’s too bad their feelings are hurt. Equal rights and protections aren’t just for whites or religious people, or men. Be honest, but fair.

What would you add?

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