I Am Cranky

It is Wednesday, and I am cranky.

I am cranky because I am not in the woods.

I am cranky because I am sore.

I am cranky because I want to go home this evening and I want to stay home.

I am cranky because I cannot go home and stay home this evening. I have a waxing appointment, and then a meeting at the middle school regarding travel soccer.

I am cranky because I had to make a mid-week appointment for a wax rather than a Saturday appointment because of soccer.

I am cranky because I have no produce at home. Not even frozen produce. I want lettuce, and broccoli, and frozen mixed vegetables, but I need to shop.

I am cranky because I don’t have time to shop.

I am cranky because I don’t know when I can go to the chiropractor and have him address my sore hip.

I am cranky because I am tired of calling my representatives in Congress knowing full fucking well they aren’t going to listen to me.

I am cranky because it is cool and rainy. I am cranky because after I don’t get to stay home tonight, I don’t get to stay home tomorrow night, or Friday night.

I am cranky because Dan and I haven’t had time for quality time for us.

I do not want you to try to jolly me out of my crankiness. I also realize that being cranky, about any of these things, is not the end of the world.

But go ahead and tell me what you’re cranky about.

3 thoughts on “I Am Cranky

  1. I am also cranky because every time I hear that they are over-turning the ACA, I worry about whether or not my health will hold up to retire, or whether Kurt won’t be able to retire because he has to keep me in health care. And either way, we will be stuck with 4 years of living in fear that my kids won’t have insurance, that I won’t have insurance, or that we will be going to war to keep people’s mind off the fact that the economy is starting to slow down and they won’t have insurance.

    1. This fight over healthcare in Congress is STUNNING to me. They are systematically taking health care away from everyone, and they are looking their constituents full in the face and LYING. “Pre-existing conditions will be covered.” No, they won’t be. Plus, they are blatantly taking care away from women, children, and the disabled. How people can support this is beyond me.

      It makes me ANGRY not cranky.

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