Lack of Imagination

Aside from the constant reflexive lying, the thing that bothers me most about T*ump is that he is completely and utterly UNCURIOUS. This bothers me so much.

T*ump cares nothing about anything that doesn’t have to do with him. He is on an international trip, and he’ll be served steak with ketchup at formal dinners, which is its own travesty. People have been advised to keep comments down to two to four minutes and use visual presentations because of his attention span. People in charge of briefing the President at the White House put his name in documents SO HE’LL KEEP READING THEM.

This is a 70-year-old man we’re talking about. Not a high-school student riddled with ADHD.

He has no sense of American or world history, and I get the sense he has no intention of learning. Any news stories he doesn’t like are labeled ‘fake news’. He’s in Israel today, and he seems to have this amazing idea that HE is going to be the one to solve the problem of violence in the Middle East. “People are sick of it,” he informed the Israeli president. So you should just stop that, seems to be the implication.

And no, I won’t call our President a child. My children are bright, and curious, and the are capable of learning things — heck, they are EAGER to learn things. They are involved in the world, like being around people different than they are, and while they have strong opinions, they still are interested in other points of view.

Our President isn’t a child or toddler. He’s a grown-ass adult who cares nothing, not one whit, about anything that has nothing to do with him, nothing that doesn’t profit him.

If you read this blog (still), you probably are not a T*ump voter. If you are a T*ump voter, I wonder if you care about the man’s utter lack of interest in the world around him. I have additional news: He’s not interested in YOU either, not what will benefit you.

What bothers you the most about T*ump?

One thought on “Lack of Imagination

  1. There is SO MUCH about Lord Dampnut as a person that I dislike, but as President, the list has grown. There’s the racism is its various forms he is working so hard to institutionalize. His budget that works AGAINST the poor. There is not one thing I have seen from him that demonstrates the Christian values he purports to have and even worse are the hypocrites who would go after any Democrat for a 10th of what he has done but are complicit.

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