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To Pay or Not to Pay?

Flora asked for an allowance this weekend.

In general, I am not pro-allowance. For one thing, my children want for nothing. Usually when they ask for something, we are able to purchase it for them. For another thing: An allowance for what? I am of the opinion that my children are part of the family team, and as such, chores are part of their job of sharing space sanely and hygienically.

However, Flora made a counterargument that I found compelling. Simply put, she wants spending cash.

The conversation came up because Flora was going to a birthday party this weekend. I asked her if she wanted to buy her friend a gift, or if she wanted to give her $20 in cash, which is my usual go-to. She wanted to give her a gift, and asked if we could go to Hot Topic.

Which is how I ended up at the mall at 4:30 on a Saturday afternoon. Flora wanted to buy her friend a t-shirt based on a manga character. I honestly felt like she was speaking a foreign language at this point, so I just went with it.

Hot Topic, just in case you have not had the pleasure, is about all things pop culture: t-shirts, figurines, makeup, and tchotchkes of all sorts. Manga, Harry Potter, lots of goth stuff, and Stranger Things all mix. Flora saw about five t-shirts she wanted for herself.

We got her friend a banana cat t-shirt (the manga shirt Hot Topic had was one her friend already had), Pocky Sticks, and a Dumbledore figurine. Flora asked for a couple of things, as did Michael (of course), and we negotiated. She got a Dustin (from Stranger Things) hat and a Pokémon t-shirt. When she heard the total (under $60), Flora actually *felt bad* that it was costing so much. I let her know it was fine; if it hadn’t have been fine, I would’ve said something earlier. But bless her little heart.

Hence: The allowance idea.

We will probably do an allowance, all things considered. I have kind of left it to Dan (who is pro-allowance) and Flora to work out. We are looking at between $5 and $20 a week, depending on what gets done around the house. Some things are simply expected: bedroom cleaned, dishes put away. When she starts going above and beyond, then allowance will be activated accordingly.

We also talked about spending and saving, and that we will expect Flora to save more allowance than she spends. We talked about expectations and limits.

And then Flora cleaned the kitchen, including the windows. So.

I don’t know who’s going to keep track of this. Hoping it’s on Dan’s radar!

Are you pro-allowance? Why or why not?

ETA: Last night, Dan and Flora sat down and drew up a list of chores for each room. They segmented them into daily, weekly, and monthly chores, and agreed on an amount.

I have no doubt that Kate and Michael are going to want to get into the action.

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    1. She is definitely showing a lot of independence lately. Which is mostly good, especially if it helps keep my house clean!

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