I was getting all set to write my letters to Congress about the ACHA, which passed the House last week. How it’s an awful bill, how everyone in my family now has a preexisting condition, how it would affect our income because of what Dan does for a living, and so on and so forth.

I was even getting ready to lambaste my Republican senator (coward!) who is on a committee in the Senate to write their own healthcare bill, because no women were included on the committee. (Update: One woman senator is now.) I was going to put together postcards with the preexisting conditions in my family and start mailing them one by one with the hashtag I Am a Preexisting Condition.

And then T*ump fired James Comey.

I mean, one gets geared up to make calls and write letters on (at least) one thing, and before one can even open a Word document, this administration does something so outrageous, so NOT NORMAL, that it is literally breathtaking.

And for a moment (or four), I am completely frozen. What do I do next? T*ump-Russia or ACHA?

It’s exhausting.

It’s frustrating.

It’s infuriating.

Never have I realized the impotence of the American voter until now. I didn’t vote for Toomey, Murphy, or T*ump, and yet every cowardly, erratic, and shocking decision they make affects me and my family. And despite my calls and letters, Toomey and Murphy remain blissfully unaffected, unmoved, and frankly, untouchable. For now, at least.

Eventually, of course, I’ll get around to addressing both issues (healthcare and T*ump-Russia, ad nauseum), as well as expressing my anger and frustration. And I will not sit idly by (not that I did last election) when mid-terms come around.

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