Letters to Congress: Health Care, Again

Dear Senator Toomey,
I am contacing you today to ask you to vote AGAINST Trumpcare. It will hurt so many people, including my family. You should work with Senate Democrats to address the weaknesses in Obamacare, instead of trying to ram through this terrible and harmful bill.

Specifically, what I am asking is the following:

  • Vote against any bill that results in anyone losing healthcare coverage
  • Commit to voting against any bill that does not protect people with pre-existing conditions from higher premiums
  • Vote against any bill that eliminates ANY funding for Medicaid

The Republican health care bill that was passed in the House takes health care away from 777,000 Pennsylvanians. More than 300,000 Pennsylvanians will lose Medicaid coverage, and average premiums will increase by more than $1000. This is all unacceptable.
It is time for you to choose your constituents over your party. Pennsylvanians will lose if the ACA is repealed. You could do even more if you would strengthen the ACA, rather than try to get rid of it wholesale.

Dear Senator Casey,
First of all, I want to thank you for all you have done to protect the people of Pennsylvania from the T*ump administration. I’m sure sometimes it feels like an uphill battle. Please know how grateful I am that someone is on our side, rather than rubber-stamping the President’s agenda.

As the Senate Republicans strive to pass their version of the deeply damaging ACHA, I hope we can count on you again to oppose them. What I would like to see from the Democrats in the Senate is the following:

  • Please withhold consent on all Senate business until Republicans hold a public hearing on Trumpcare.

While Obamacare improved coverage for millions of Americans, it does have its weaknesses. Democrats should work on addressing the weaknesses in the law, as well as look at ways to create a single-payer healthcare system. It turns out that Americans like health care! And certainly more Americans approve of Obamacare in its current form that approve of the T*ump administration.

Please continue to resist. We are grateful to you.

H/T to Indivisibleguide.com for giving me the talking points for these communications.

4 thoughts on “Letters to Congress: Health Care, Again

    1. More people were able to be covered by the ACA. That will go away under the ACHA. But as long as YOU get to go to the doctor again, I guess that’s okay.

      Except you probably won’t get to go under the AHCA, either. I guess you’re screwed either way. OR you could advocate for better health care reform that would benefit everyone.

  1. I’m kinda with tool man my deductible is $4k now for family. Don’t you think families who work should be able to go to doctors? I think we’ve earned it. I just will use it if we break something.

    1. My family deductible is very high as well.

      I think EVERYONE deserves healthcare. Full stop. “Families who work” aren’t superior to anyone, and don’t deserve greater access to health care than people who, for whatever reason, don’t or aren’t able to work — or who work part time, or three jobs, or are disabled so they can’t work. This argument holds no water for me. Everyone should have healthcare.

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