Seven Things: The Rough Start to Summer Edition

1. The children got out of school June 6.

Jump for Joy!

I think they were pretty excited.

2. Flora got a follow-up vaccine the morning of June 7. Yes, I had to wake Flora up early on her first official day of summer vacation.

For a shot.

I was not very popular that morning.

3. On Thursday, I was working from home because our nanny Kim had to go out of town for the day. I also had to get the children ready for a memorial service for my husband’s uncle and godfather — one of his father’s brothers.

I was not popular that morning either.

4. Friday, the children spent the weekend at my brother and sister-in-law’s, with their four boys. My SIL is a *saint*. They were staying until Sunday.

Dan and I had the house to ourselves.

I’m sure you can guess what we did.

Cleaned the office!* Exactly right.

Dan was a TROOPER. He tore up that room, in a good way. We got rid of five bags of trash, a trunkful of donations, and cleaned out drawers and the closet. I have a couple things to mail; Dan has some stuff to take to his office or storage. The office is once more usable. The challenge will be keeping it that way, and then reclaim other spaces in our house to make them usable as well.

*not a euphemism

the office after we cleaned it

5. Then our nanny went on vacation for a week. That has not gone well. We scrambled for childcare. With Dan busier than ever at work, it’s hard for him to have them at his office. He took them two and a half days; my MIL took them for one; I worked from home one and a half days. It’s been a little stressful.

6. Flora went to Kennywood all day Monday. Then Flora got sick. She was supposed to be at soccer clinic this week, but she has not been well enough to attend. I think between the sleepovers and all-day Kennywood, she was run down.

7. It hasn’t all been *bad*, just non-stop. Dan and I went to the Wilco show last week; I took the children to the Arts Fest; Michael has been enjoying the soccer “camp” very much. June is flying right on by!

Dan and Dawn Show, Wilco edition
I married this guy. Pregaming Wilco at Southern Tier.
Arts Fest Umbrellas
Successful summer outing the first, Three Rivers Arts Fest.
Cooling off at the fountain at Point State Park.

How’s your summer going?

ETA: The nanny got home from her vacation early, and was able to watch the children today. HALLELUJAH! It’s mostly great for Dan, who is booked from 8 a.m. today through 7 p.m. Whew!

2 thoughts on “Seven Things: The Rough Start to Summer Edition

  1. I love that picture of Michael.

    Been so busy here as well. The kids were out on the 9th and we have had doctor’s appointments, dentist and orthodontist appointments, getting the van taken in, the kids’ godmother from Boston got in for a couple of weeks, and school hasn’t even been out a week.

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