Why I’m Talking About This

On my last blog post, I was challenged. “What gain did you have by posting this?”

I’m pretty sure I was being scolded, but whatever. This is why I blogged about this issue.

1. The most obvious reason: LGTBQ rights are under assault from the right/GOP/fundamentalist Christians, from the top (T*ump administration) on down (parents in my community). Hence,

2. I want LGBTQ children in my life and my children’s lives to know that they have an ally in me.

3. To start discussions, primarily in my household and in my community, about LGBTQ rights and risks.

4. To let parents of LGBTQ children know that I see them.

5. Pursuant to #4, so they know they have an ally who is a fellow parent who cares about their children.
5b. Also pursuant to #4, so they maybe remember that their children have value, regardless of their sexuality or gender. Maybe these parents just need a reminder to think about what it means to accept and support their children, and how best to do that.

6. So my children understand what our role is in the world: to love one another, to show that love, and to treat people with kindness.

7. So my children know I will love and support them no matter what. I have their backs.

(I can safely say that Dan is on board with all of this, especially #7, as well.)

Our children just want to our love and acceptance. I posted “Safe Space” so if children I know don’t find that at home, they know that I see them, I support them, and they can come be in a space without question or judgement.

So to answer the original question: I, personally, don’t have anything to gain. I don’t intend to gain, I intend to give.

3 thoughts on “Why I’m Talking About This

  1. Don’t you think it’s a little young for a kid to proclaim they are bisexual? Is there a risk that you are becoming the cool parent that gives out beer, but instead of beer you are giving out parental advice you have no place giving. Let their parents parent, they may have the full picture of their child’s life.

    1. Are you straight? When did you know you were straight?

      For the record, I am not trying to parent another person’s child. I am just trying to give a child who may feel insecure at home a safe place to hang out. That’s all.

      And I will never be the “cool parent who gives out beer”.

  2. What is the appropriate age to determine you are bisexual? Why is straight the default? And if you are not engaging in sexual contact with that person how does it affect you?

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