Time for an Update

1. Therapy is going well.

2. Lexapro did NOT go well, and after only three days, with my doctor’s permission, I ditched it. The side effects were pretty awful, but for three blissful days, I didn’t have anxiety. (Just insomnia, tremors, and nightsweats!) I have a follow-up appointment with my doctor to see about trying something else. Although, I have to say, the anxiety in general has been lower. I think because I am starting to process some trauma (see #1).

3. In the “Acting Like a Responsible Adult” category, I had my very first mammogram. It wasn’t as horrible as I feared.

4. In the “Not Acting Like a Responsible Adult” category, I spent last night eating Chipotle in front of Jane the Virgin on Netflix. I also drank two beers.

I did not have to take care of anyone last night. Dan and the children are in Virginia; I am joining them this evening.

It was kind of nice to not have to take care of anyone for a night.

5. I am not cooking anything Thanksgiving Day — I am showing up at my sister’s (with Dan and the children). I will probably help clean up after dinner, though. I mean, I can’t do NOTHING.

6. With some luck, I will gift you all with a post-Thanksgiving rant about what I am traumatized about (edited for my parents’ well being).

7. Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for online and IRL friends; family, both immediate and extended; and a good career. Be safe, eat well, drink some good drinks.

What are you thankful for this year?

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