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I don’t remember how it came about, but after Stranger Things was released last year, and I watched the whole thing, then watched the whole thing with Dan, I asked Flora if she was interested in it.

She was.

So then, Flora, Dan and I watched it together.

Earlier this year, Dan proposed watching LOST with Flora. (We have the DVD set.) She was game.

And now, of course, we are watching Stranger Things 2 (NO SPOILERS). As of this post, we are on episode 7.

It’s pretty great to watch TV with Flora.

1. She has a solid moral core, and it is very much in evidence, especially as we watch LOST. Sawyer is a jerk, Jack is a hero, Kate is complicated. Flora loves Charlie, and finds his drug habit distressing and disappointing. (We just watched the episode where that was resolved.) Shannon is selfish; Sayid is smart – I could go on. We’ve explained to her that each of the characters goes through a moral arc. So pay attention.

2. Her loyalty and affection are much more evident when we watch Stranger Things 2. She is utterly convinced that Will is going to die. (DON’T TELL ME.) I think the romantic story line involving Nancy her least favorite part of the show.

3. It has been EXTREMELY CHALLENGING to not binge watch Stranger Things 2. (Having seen all of LOST, it is not that hard for Dan and me to parse it out episode by episode.) However, since season 2 came out on Friday October 27, we have held it to one episode a night… Although now that I am typing this, maybe we did watch two episodes on Saturday.

Anyhoo, Netflix is designed for binge watching, I get that. I do not miss network television; waiting a week between episodes; commercials. But in reality, more than an hour or two of television isn’t something my schedule can accommodate.

4. FLTOG, please stop talking during the show, Flora. (You too, Dan.)

The other day she was poking around on Netflix, and she watched the pilot episodes of both Parks & Recreation and The Office. I let her know that those are probably not shows appropriate to her. “I have a couple of friends who said they were funny,” she told me. Still, I think I will make her wait on those. I tried to get her into Supergirl (I’ve heard good things), but she declined.

Here are my protests to The Office and Parks & Rec (both of which I have watched, and do find funny): the storylines stray into office interactions that include, overtly or not, sexual harassment. I don’t want my almost 12-year-old watching that and thinking it’s normal or a part of life. (Even though, until quite recently, it seemed to be normal and accepted as a part of life.)

So we will continue to watch Stranger Things and LOST with Flora, and we will find a show to watch with Kate as well (suggestions welcome!). She’s not ready for either Stranger Things (although she thinks she is) or LOST. And she’s not into superhero shows. I’m not really sure what’s out there for her. (Michael watches The Flash. I am not 100 percent convinced that he knows what all is going on, but it also seems like harmless entertainment.)

Do you watch TV with your children? Do you enjoy it?

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  1. We watch “MacGyver”, “Speechless” and “Saturday Night Live” with our 12 and 14 year olds. We have a DVR and watch almost nothing “live” ever. We fast forward through commercials or inappropriate SNL skits. Oh, and “Doctor Who”. I like watching TV with the kids because that’s how I was raised, watching TV with my mom. I don’t have the time to sit and watch everything with them at this point, also because we have too many kids in the house as well. “Lost” is a good one that I think my 14 year old would like to watch.

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