This is what my week looked like:


Monday morning, I woke up tired. I did not want to get up at all.

I said to myself, “Self, if you get up today, I promise you can sleep in a little bit tomorrow.” Because Tuesday was a work from home (WFH) day.

So I got up, got the girls out the door and on the bus. I came back home to shower and dress, got Michael on the bus, and went to work.


“Sleeping in” on Tuesday consisted of getting up around 8 a.m., which on a weekday is a luxury. I had an egg and toast for breakfast (and also made eggs for Michael), and settled in front of my computer for work around 9 a.m.

Tuesday was primary election day in Pennsylvania, and my children’s schools are polling places, hence WFH. I am fortunate to have an employer and a manager who support flextime and WFH. I wrote and posted a blog post, revised two video scripts, dealt with the usual volume of work email, edited another post, and scheduled Twitter posts. A nice busy and productive work-from-home day.

Once I finished working, the children and I had dinner (shout-out to Flora for preparing the mac and cheese). Michael and I went for a walk/ride (I walk, he rides his bike). Michael had played in the backyard with a hose earlier in the day, so he had also showered. On his bike ride, he wore: a bike helmet, his pajamas, and his rain boots, because his sneakers were still wet.

After we got home, I piled the children in the car (my three, one neighborhood friend of Katie’s), voted, and then we all got ice cream.

Tuesday was a good day.


Normal morning, normal day at work. Due to a lost game piece (which is a long story in and of itself), when I got home from work and after dinner, Flora and I completely cleaned the front room. We pulled up couch cushions, and vacuumed under them, turned the couches over, vacuumed there — suffice to say, a lot of furniture moving and vacuuming. I had the girls hunting through the cardboard we had put aside for recycling; I cleaned out the pantry.

It was a lot of work. The game piece remains MIA. I have resorted to daily prayers to St. Anthony to find it and lead us to where it’s hiding. (It’s a game piece from The Generals, which is a game Dan remembers fondly from his childhood, and he’s just torn up that a piece has gone missing. He and Flora had played the game Monday night.)


Driving home from work, I realized I had no dinner planned, and not many options at home. So I grabbed the children, went to Burger King (I know), dropped off plastic bags for recycling (Big Bird curbside delivery, could you not with all the separate blue bags?), dropped Kate off at her youth group, and went to Aldi. Shopped with Flora and Michael, got gasoline, went home, unpacked groceries, picked up Kate, read to Michael and tucked him in, had Flora empty the dishwasher, and then cleaned the kitchen (there wasn’t much since we went out). Planned meals for the week. That was a productive Thursday night!


How was your Monday through Thursday??

2 thoughts on “Accomplishments

  1. Sometimes we need to take stock of our daily routine. We get so busy, so caught up in things that we don’t even realize how busy we have become. This allows us to appreciate the fact that we don’t necessarily get everything done we had planned ( or did not plan in the case of Thursday’s dinner) and in turn take it easy on ourselves because we are only human. When you are outnumbered the volume of activity seems to exponentially increase, especially as they get older. It is easy to look back on the week and wonder what happened.

    1. This is one of the reasons I wrote this this week. We are in a little bit of a lull — no sports, and only one activity. But still plenty busy! And I got a lot done!

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