We recently traveled to Seven Springs for the 47th summer in a row (i.e. my entire lifetime) of vacationing with my father’s side of the family. (Note: The clan has been doing this longer than I have been alive.)

It was incredibly relaxing, and a welcome, needed break. I’ve been having some health issues (more when I know more), and it was nice to not have to rouse myself to do very much. As a matter of fact, the one night I was suppose to make dinner, I supervised from the couch, and the rest of the household pitched in. (Thanks, everyone. I’m going to get better!)

The most strenuous thing I did was walk back and forth to the pool. Which, granted, was more strenuous than it should have been, but hardly a marathon.

A few anecdotes:

1. Saturday at the pool, Michael asked to learn how to play Euchre. This is the clan card game, and many generations know how to play. I couldn’t send him over to learn from my cousins — they play too fast and use unsavory language while playing. Nonna, Pap-pap, and nephew A agreed to play with Michael and I making up one half of a team with nephew A.

Michael balked when we tried to explain trump. For obvious reasons. “Do we have to use that word?” he asked. “Can’t we just use George?” No, we explained. Euchre, and trump, predate the current president, and will be around when he is gone.

2. Sunday night, we let the girls go to the lodge with a gaggle of cousins. This is a right-of-passage. As they were getting into the car to go down, I gave them the rules: No drinking. No hanging out alone with people they didn’t know. This all earned me a good deal of eye-rolling. “Hey, it’s my job,” I said. Aunt Sis chimed in: “No drugs!” “Yeah,” I added. “Don’t do drugs!”


It is heart-warming to me that my children are excited to see their extended family. To the point that they will ask to hang out, sans adults. They took the shuttle bus to be home by 10:30. Independence!

3. I had downloaded a couple of books to my Kindle for the weekend. I read Sandra Brown’s Low Pressure, and while I usually enjoy Sandra Brown, this was a poor effort. Yeah, she’s formulaic, and fairly predictable, but at least she does a good page-turner. This one was kind of a mess, though, and jumped around too much. Also, her female character was frigid — except with the hero, of course — which seemed like a weird choice. (Her older sister was a slut, and, of course, was murdered. So she decided she couldn’t like sex, or something like that. It was… icky.) So, even if you like Sandra Brown, don’t read Low Pressure.


4. It was a weekend of games for me: Euchre, Rummikub (pronounced rummy-cube), and on Monday, a four-hour-plus game of Trivial Pursuit. Despite leading almost the entire time, Dan and I DID NOT WIN.


But, man, did we laugh.

Anyway, it’s been a while since I posted, but I wanted to remember this stuff, so I’m writing it down here. Summer is good.

What’s your favorite game to play in a group?

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  1. Sorry you’re having some health issues. Hope those get resolved soon.

    We just got back from our own family vacation, this year we went to Vancouver Island. I posted a lot of pictures, which you don’t see because we’re not Facebook friends anymore but they are there if you want to see them. Hiking, beach trips, etc., all in all a good trip. And then next week it is off to Boy Scout camp for me and two of the boys, which is going to be MY vacation.

    As to your question, we play Uno a lot, Guillotine, and Munchkin.

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