Why red pen mama?

When I started this blog, nearly 10 years ago now, I was an accidental stay-at-home mom to two little girls in suburban Pittsburgh. I was freelancing as an editor and writer. Do you know what editors use to edit?

A red pen.

Hence, red pen mama. I started blogging about three weeks after my second daughter was born, so I may have been a little sleep-deprived.

I am the 40-something mother of four children. My first son, Gabriel, was stillborn on June 8, 2003. I have two girls and another boy, Flora (formerly known as Monkey) and Kate (formerly known as Bun), and Michael. My husband, Dan (formerly DearDR), and I have been married for more than a decade. We live outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

I have been writing this here online diary for a few years. It’s been a great way for me to process what is going on in my life, and I’ve also discovered an amazing community of online writers, in and out of the ‘Burgh, moms and dads, and some people who don’t have kids. I vaguely remember what that’s like; I wouldn’t trade any of my children for the world, though.

All in all, it’s an amazing journey. Plenty of rough patches, but the rewards are far greater.

What is Listen to Your Mother?

In addition to getting married and having children, participating in Listen to Your Mother (LTYM) has been one of the milestones and highlights of my life. If it is in or near your city, you should go tell a story, whether you are a mom, have a mom (and who doesn’t have a mom) or know a mom.

Here’s my story.

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  1. RPM,
    You got a great blog and you are a Steelers fan which makes you pretty awesome in my book. What a stressful game but a great victory. That was an amazing catch by Holmes. If you ever are interested in working with Eden Fantasys please email me anytime. Maybe we can have a fun giveaway or review.

  2. Thank you for the comment on my blog for Owning Pink today. I had to write to say hello after I saw you were a Burgh girl-me too! Born and raised, now living near Baltimore. I will stop back and visit your blog when I have some more time to explore! Take Care, Heather (My Mama Mojo)

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