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            MB833 fabric style instrument
              Applies to a variety of woven dyeing and finishing products in the narrow sense of style determination. Certain indicators also apply to the determination of knitted garments and carpet fabrics.

              1. The instrument adopts high precision pressure sensor, make sure that the force value accuracy.
              2. The instrument is equipped with 6 fixtures corresponding to 6 experimental methods. They are surface friction test method, weaving resistance test method, bending test method, compression test method, arch deformation test method and smoothness test method respectively.
              3. The USB communication is easy to connect with the computer, and the data is transmitted and processed in real time.
              4. The computer host computer operates on-line and automatically draws the real-time test data curve, which is easy to observe, and the computer software automatically calculates the experimental results.
              5. The sensor is added to the shell, and the instrument monitors the force value of the sensor in real time in order to protect the sensor.
              6. The instrument rising device uses the motor to drive the silk rod through the transmission system to drive the motion seat up and down, and has the accurate running speed and displacement.
              7. The instrument uses a standard constant rate (CRE) to act on the specimen until it is automatically returned after a set of parameters is reached.
              8. Instrument automation process, starting key can automatically complete the whole experimental process.
              9. The computer test data can be directly exported.
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