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            MEBON Instrument 2016 year-end party dinner

            分類:Corporate News  發布日期:2017-01-18 03:45:35  瀏覽次數:2669  [返回]
             In January 16, 2017, in this new year, we have a joyous gathering, celebrate this joyous moment -- the 2016 year-end party dinner.
             In general manager Peng a warm speech, we first in this year's "advanced worker" for the recognition and awards, they are the electronic workshop Lu Zhengen, financial department Lian Xiaoju, the sales department and technical department Yan Jiankun, Zeng Weiwei.
             Next is the exciting cake game, each table were 4 round cake, and finally selected two champion for a sweeping robot final race.
             To have dinner, one after another began third-prize children hit the golden eggs and staff, one or two draw, the first prize is worth 3499 yuan millet notebook computer, two prize is worth 699 yuan millet three air purifier, third-prize storm is 199 yuan VR glasses 6. The final winner of the first prize is the Liu Wei of the technology department. The two prize was awarded by Xia Yanfeng, Yan Jiankun of the sales department and Lu Zhengen from the electronics workshop. The three prize was won by Lian Xiaoju, Cai Nana, Chen Meiling, Chen Hongmao, Lin Fengduan and Xu Binglin. The non winners had 60 yuan worth of table tennis racket.
             The final award - Bo obtained by sweeping robot outside guest Zhang Shanfeng and sales department Su Jinhua.
             At the same time, thank you very much for suppliers, employees and agents, Smith Barney behind the family members for the effort of Smith Barney's trust and support! I wish you good health in the New Year! A happy family! Everything goes well!

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