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Best of the Burghosphere

In the Category of Blogger Most Likely to Enjoy Being Called a Jagoff at the End of an Interview, we have the esteemed Ya Jagoff!

Okay, “esteemed” might be overstating it a little bit. Well-respected? Well-regarded? Well, he’s a guy, and he’s from Pittsburgh. I can definitively state that.

If you haven’t had the pleasure, let me introduce John Chamberlin, main writer and interviewer at Ya Jagoff!, and the guy who has set about single-handedly calling out the jagoffs in our midst. Comedian John Knight is regularly featured in the section “What Aggravates Me”, and the videos are filmed and edited by 321Blink.

A jagoff, according to the Urban Dictionary, is “a rude, assholelike person.” The word originated right here in the ‘burgh, and is a family friendly way of cursing out Pittsburgh drivers, people who park like jerks, and anyone else who meanspiritedly makes life in the ‘Burgh a trial instead of a pleasure.

I never thought jagoff was a controversial word until the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette banned it from its newsroom in 2012. I use it regularly in front of my children, usually in traffic, avowing that it is not a swear word.

It is Ya Jagoff’s sworn duty to call out jerks so that the rest of us don’t look bad. To that end, he is doing a great job. Actually, he might be doing too good a job, as local-boy-made-good Billy Gardell points out in the following interview.

John accepts entries from around the globe* of Peter Parkers, Cluster Trucks, and other miscreants in the ‘Burgh and beyond. Let his blog be a lesson to all and sundry. Don’t be a jagoff!

*I’m sure most people write in from around John’s neighborhood just to make him feel useful.

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